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Realtor, SRES, Certified Life Coach
DRE#: 01081461

Let me tell you about the time I stepped back from real estate. It was 2008, and I had enough of a nest egg to pursue a calling to explore documentary filmmaking. It was wonderful experience! I made an award-winning short film about the effects of media violence on children and was poised to turn this short film into a feature length film. I thought this was how I could serve the world and make it better.

What also happened in 2008: The market crashed. Real estate crashed. I lost the nest-egg and needed a way to rebuild it… so I went back to real estate. But I’d never loved the culture of closing people on buying or selling, of hustling for clients and commissions, of competing with other agents.

In a coaching session with my mentor, Lynn Stewart, everything changed. I realized that I wasn’t passionate about real estate because I had been trained to think of it as a transaction. So I became obsessed with finding a way to serve my clients in a deeper, more meaningful way, to deliver more than a new home or a high selling price — to deliver an experience that would enrich their lives.

My vision was a buying and selling experience based on transparency, integrity, trust, respect, and kindness that would empower clients to be fully in choice.

Combining my life coaching skills with a collaborative team approach, I created a unique, holistic process designed to support clients who are doing their own high-impact work in the world – values-driven visionary leaders and their families.

This process begins with Visioning, a life coaching process I’ve adapted to help my clients find more ease and joy in home buying & selling, save time and money, and confidently make the choices that support their purpose and lifestyle goals.

MONICA CAN BE REACHED AT: 805.689.1300 or monica(at)monicalenches(dotted)com

About Lifestyle Properties
Our approach to real estate is values-driven and holistic, based on the practice of thinking globally and acting locally and being the change we wish to see in the world. We believe buying and selling a home is more than just a transaction. It is a process that involves identifying your dreams, goals and objectives, creating a plan, and rallying a team of best-in-class advisors to support you along your path from vision to reality.



Broker/Owner at Coast & Valley Properties
DRE#: 00544022

Lifestyle Properties is licensed under Coast & Valley Properties, a boutique brokerage firm founded by Bob Ruccione that is as values-driven as we are. Bob brings a wealth of experience to the table with over forty years in local real estate sales, marketing and brokerage management. He’s also one of the most ethical, knowledgeable and caring brokers I know, and I am honored to have him as my broker, manager and partner.

BOB CAN BE REACHED AT: 805.729.2004 or bob(at)bobruccione(dotted)com


Executive Assistant to Monica Lenches

We are excited to welcome April Stroud to our team as Monica’s Executive Assistant. April had been on our radar for many months following a very meaningful non-real estate-related encounter. April’s kind, service-oriented nature made an impression on Monica and left her wondering if April would ever be interested in real estate, and more specifically in joining her team. Fast forward nine months while working on our job description for a new assistant, a close friend remembered Monica talking endearingly about April and suggested that she reach out to her on a lark. To our huge delight, our timing was perfect!

Prior to joining our team, April’s 22 years of local experience covered a wide array of services from Staging Assistant to Tamara Ruccione at Santa Barbara Staging Solutions (our staging company of choice!) to hospitality at the beautiful Santa Barbara Inn, and a 10-year career with Santa Barbara Axxess in almost every capacity from customer service, design, and accounting to VP of Operations. April is a graduate of UCSB.

As a newer mom, April’s focus extends to raising the happiest, kindest, and most imaginative little human she can. She enjoys all that Santa Barbara has to offer, especially hiking and playing in the park with her toddling kiddo. She also enjoys line dancing and spending time in Hawaii with her family.

April can be reached at 805.455.5215 or april(at)monicalenches(dotted)com.

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Buying and selling a home is more than just a transaction. It is a process that involves identifying your dreams, goals and objectives, creating a plan and rallying a team of best-in-class advisors to support you along your path from vision to reality.

I look forward to supporting you in this exciting dream-building journey and earning your trust and friendship for years to come.

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