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Our Process

A holistic approach to real estate –

because home is about so much more
than where we sleep

As a socially responsible Realtor, my mission is to transform the traditional
real estate transaction into a values driven experience that empowers our
clients and honors their clients vision, preferences, goals and
objectives…every step of the way.

The Total Real Estate Experience
for buying and selling

This process comes from my experience as a certified life coach and award-winning
real estate agent. Whether we are working on your life, or your lifestyle, entering into
the journey with clarity and intention helps ensure you get the ease, joy and
satisfaction you want.

You’ll love this approach
if buying and selling a home is about more than
just optimizing your real estate portfolio. (though that goes without saying)

The way I work with clients is intentional, not transactional. I believe the
quality of the experience is just as important as the result, that all
negotiations can be win-win, and that we are enriched when we also care
about the people on the other side.

The clients who resonate with this work love the idea that you can enjoy the
process as much as the end result, and that choosing the right home for your
next stage of life is as much about the inner journey as the must-have list.

My process for helping clients decide to sell their home or buy a new one
starts with getting clear on your vision.

The 6 Steps to the Total Real Estate Experience(TREE)


In 1-3 Visioning sessions, we’ll get clear
about your purpose for making a change
and create a vision for the home you want
to live in. This is a vitally important step
because the right home can provide the
ideal environment for rest, support your
ideal lifestyle and expand your idea of
what’s possible in your life, deepening your
impact in the world. The clarity we find also
smoothes the way for an easier buying or
selling process.


In this next step we will create a
comprehensive plan to realize your vision and
to ensure that we stay on track as our work
progresses. Your plan will include action
items that identify who does what, by when
and for how much. For a detailed account of
this step, click here.


Buying or selling a home should not be done in
a vacuum; it’s a life-size decision that can
have consequences for one’s financial and
estate plans. For this reason, we will either
collaborate with your existing team of advisors
or support you in creating one. We will also vet
your real estate plan with your team to confirm
that it fits in the context of your longer-term
life goals.


Finally, we put your plan into action, and I
will lead, coordinate and track our process
every step of the way, both in
spreadsheets and in direct communication
with you.


This is where it all comes together and we
get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We call
this step Unfolding. Unfolding is grace in
motion. With our planning and preparation
in place, the next steps unfold with ease,
grace and efficiency for the best possible
outcome. You can now have peace-of-mind
knowing that we’ve responsibly addressed
the major issues essential to a home
purchase or sale.


It Starts with Vision and Ends with Legacy. My
vision is for you to find joy and fulfillment in a
home that supports your life vision. Contributing
to your life in a meaningful way is my legacy.
And the Total Real Estate Experience is part of
how I do that. By creating a working
environment that allows you to relax and focus
on making your greatest contribution to the
world in your own unique way – which is your
legacy. In addition, my legacy includes
donating 1% of my commission to the Planet and
1% to People through non-profits that share our

Selling or buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be memorable.
Helping you gain clarity on what you need and want, and how your work in
the world can best be supported by the quality of your rest, environment
and community.

It’s Real Estate Done Radically Differently.

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Buying and selling a home is more than just a transaction. It is a process that involves identifying your dreams, goals and objectives, creating a plan and rallying a team of best-in-class advisors to support you along your path from vision to reality.

I look forward to supporting you in this exciting dream-building journey and earning your trust and friendship for years to come.

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