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Vision Matters

August 2023 | Issue No. 29

The Unfurling of a Vision for a Kinder World
From time to time, I get the following question: What makes you so passionate about kindness? As I reflected on that question, I realized that kindness has always mattered to me because of violence ...

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July 2023 | Issue No. 28

What's a North Star Charter and
How Can It Support You In Living a Fulfilling Life?

Each month I choose to write about visioning because of the life-changing impact this practice has had and continues to have on my life. And it is a practic...

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June 2023 | Issue No. 27

How Does Summer Solstice Support Self-Reflection?
Four years ago, my dear friend, Claudia Rucker, and I participated in a workshop called "Super Manifesting Through the Seasons."  It was led by Madeleine Marentette, a remarkable woman I had m...

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May 2023 | Issue No. 26

What's New With What Matters?
When I started our What Matters blog during COVID in April 2021, it was on the heels of two important experiences I had just had: rebranding my real estate practice and launching our educational campaign, A Kinder...

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April 2023 | Issue No. 25

What Can We Do to Move Towards a Vision of a Plastic-Free World?
In honor of Earth Day 2023, here are 23 things we can do in our everyday lives to move toward a vision of a plastic-free world. This list is a compilation of suggestions from my ...

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March 2023 | Issue No. 24

Financial Planning on the Way to Homeownership
For more than a century, real estate as a profession has focused on helping people buy and sell homes without necessarily looking at their purchase or sale in the context of their larger life visi...

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February 2023 | Issue No. 23

State Credits for Solar are About to Sunset so Act Now!
Do you have a vision for either installing solar or expanding your existing solar system some time in the next three years? If so, reach out to Brighten Solar right away to lock in apprec...

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January 2023 | Issue No. 22

What's a Kinder Traveler?
“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try to understand each other, we may even become friends.” -Maya ...

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November 2022 | Issue No. 20

How Did My Socially Responsible Hotel in Cambodia Stack Up?
The Jaya House Delivers... In Hearts!
The primary purpose for my trip to Southeast Asia this month was to visit my mentor and dear friend, Lynn Stewart, who had moved to Chiang Mai, ...

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