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A KINDER WORLD OF COMMERCE is an educational campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of buying not just locally but socially responsibly. Discover what motivates and inspires socially responsible businesses to do good in our community and what it takes to make this happen. These businesses are a distinctly different brand driven by their values and committed to the quintuple bottom line of Purpose, People, Planet and Profit.

April 2024 | Issue No. 37

A Kinder Growth Model:
Brain Science Solutions for Business Success
A Conversation between Dr. Britt Andreatta, CEO of Brain Aware Training
and Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker

I first met Dr. Britt Andreatta over 25 ye...

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March 2024 | Issue No. 36

Planet Vs. Plastic

April 27-28, 2024 marks the 54th anniversary of the Community Environmental Council's hosting of the Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara. The festival's mission is "to educate, inspire and...

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February 2024 | Issue No. 35

How Does One of Our Legacy Brands
Show Its Love for Our Community? 

Deckers is purposeful about building and growing its impact in a way that aligns with its clearly articulated values:

...values guide the Deckers jour...

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January 2024 | Issue No. 34

Repair the World:
The Heart & Soul of Arts for Change

"SURVIVORS should be an integral part of the education system in all schools..."
- Henry Stern, California State Senator

A Conversation between Wendy Kout, Play...

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December 2023 | Issue No. 33


By Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker

One of the ways in which we can create A Kinder World, whether it's within ourselves, our families, our community or in our busine...

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November 2023 | Issue No. 32

Gratitude for Our Legacy Brands 

By Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker

We started interviewing socially responsible businesses for our Kinder World of Commerce article back in April of 2021. Ever since we have ...

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October 2023 | Issue No. 31

Doing Good by Doing Great:
Deckers Brands' Sustainability Journey

A Conversation between Michelle Apodaca, Brooke Beshai and
Zeba Manki of Deckers Brands and Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker
I am excited to introduce you...

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September 2023 | Issue No. 30

The Total Real Estate Experience:
It Starts with Vision and Ends with Legacy.

A Conversation between Claudia Rucker and Monica Lenches
Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.  
-Thomas Edison 

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August 2023 | Issue No. 29

Putting Empathy Into Action:
A Kinder Approach to Building a Resilient Community

A Conversation between Jackie Carrera, President & CEO of The Santa Barbara Foundation and
Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker
One of the m...

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July 2023 | Issue No. 28

Pelvic Wellness: A Compassionate Approach to Healing

A Conversation between Dhara Solanki, founder and owner of Santa Barbara Pelvic Health and
Monica Lenches and Claudia Rucker
"The natural healing force within each one of...

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