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The Total Real Estate Experience (TREE) is a comprehensive process that combines my unique coaching skills with an integrated team approach to achieving our clients’s success. TREE begins with me helping my clients define their real estate dreams, goals and objectives so that their interests drive these life-size financial decisions, while I become the vehicle to get it done. I don’t merely engineer transactions; I thoughtfully usher in and strategically execute their objectives for complete client satisfaction.

When a more holistic approach is desired, I engage my Client Advocacy Network, a team of diverse best-in class professionals who share my mission and values. Together, we collaborate to work cohesively and seamlessly to support our clients throughout the entire process, from visioning their dreams and goals to creating action plans and executing their objectives.

This might involve developing integrative strategies between our client’s financial advisor, estate planning attorney, CPA, lender and myself. At other times, additional professionals may be brought into the conversation—always ensuring a holistic perspective and approach. For our high net worth clients, the strategies offered may be more complex and innovative, depending on the immediate needs of our clients. Other asset leveraging tools may be a more viable, efficient option than the traditional means of cash and/or selling of certain assets or real estate.

The TREE approach provides:

• A more efficient process that saves you time and money

• Greater ease and joy as you navigate the home buying/selling process

• Increased confidence in knowing that you’ve made the right choices for you and your family

    … every step of the way.

My Mission: To provide impeccable service by combining my life coaching skills with a collaborative team approach to supporting my clients' dreams, goals and objectives.

I relish my ability to think outside the box at Coast and Valley Properties while collaborating with the experts in my chosen network. This allows me to fulfill my mission of not just providing impeccable service…but of truly being of service.

My Vision: A Kinder World of Commerce in which the experience of creating empowered, win-win outcomes is based on transparency, integrity, trust, respect and kindness.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, skiing, traveling, photography, documentary film making and spending time with my young nieces.




For over 25 years, Holly has lead the way in the Santa Barbara market for homes, condos and multimillion dollar estates, not just by excelling in sales, but listening to hearts.  Holly began her real estate career with Santana Properties, a Montecito boutique firm that was purchased by Coldwell Banker.  She now sites under the Coldwell Banker umbrella in her same Santana seat, an office space with Dutch doors and ten agents.  She has been able to maintain the small business feel while getting the support of a noted firm with tentacles worldwide.

Whether representing a buyer or selling a home, this is a journey that transcends bricks and mortar and activates our deepest hopes, aspirations, dreams and desires. Holly works closely, tirelessly and collaboratively to not just find her clients a house, but rather to find The Home.  A real estate matchmaker, Holly combines business acumen and intuition to market and stage a property in just the right way to attract just the right buyer at just the right time. Holly has a roster of Buyers and Sellers she's not only worked with for years, but calls friends.

Holly is an award winning real estate agent who cares about her community. She has served as President of the Santa Barbara Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Board of Directors and is presently on their Honorary Board. She, also served as the President of the Cancer Foundation and Hospice of Santa Barbara Auxiliary.  Holly and her husband have lived and loved life together in Santa Barbara for more than 40 years. She can be reached at 805.886.8848 or by email at 

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