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Change of VenueAccording to research by the National Association of Realtors, about 1 in 4 vacation homeowners intend to use their property as a primary residence after retirement. What impact does this have on your decision making process? Buyers looking for a property in anticipation of retirement should carefully consider how the home will fit their future lifestyle as well as their financial plan. For example, even if you are familiar with the area, all of your time there may have been during the same season. Before making a year-round commitment, consider visiting the area during both peak and off seasons and weighing the following factors. Will the weather be too cold, too hot? Will peak-season traffic congestion be tolerable and peak-season visitors too noisy or disruptive? Will services and shopping facilities be available year-round? Will there always be something interesting to do? Wherever you are looking, consider engaging the services of a SRES Realtor to support you in your journey of discovery.

Change of FocusLife-enriching aging in place is not a passive activity. Successful aging in your home is a process of taking stock of current and future needs, thinking through the options, evaluating your home and community and developing life-affirming strategies. The process starts with identifying your vision for aging comfortably and safely in your home and your community. Then a plan should be developed and include strategies for maintaining control of your environment and your quality of life. Knowledgeable and dedicated financial advisors can facilitate conversations that lead to clarity, create financial plans that allow for confident decision making, and connect you with the right resources.

Change of PerspectiveNot all damage that occurs to your property is covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. In fact, if damage to your property is caused by deferred maintenance, i.e. aging, wear or tear or poor condition, it will most likely not be covered under your policy. Inspecting your property on a regular basis, making timely repairs, and preventing roof and plumbing leaks, are your best protection against increased premiums, unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, and in certain cases, a lawsuit. Prevention is the best solution to protecting your home and maximizing the benefits of your homeowner's policy. Please consult with your insurance agent or call us for more information.

SRES Change of Heart-page-001Long-term care can be the wildcard in your financial plan as it can quickly erode savings, investments and the legacy you wish to leave behind. And neither Medicare nor the Affordable Care Act pays for custodial care at home or in an assisted community. Considering long-term care insurance is a prudent part of retirement planning and there are many ways to structure a policy, including using an annuity of life insurance to pay for long-term care expenses. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor or a long-term care specialist to explore your options.
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