The Total Real Estate Experience (TREE) is a comprehensive process that combines my unique coaching skills with an integrated team approach to achieving our clients’s success. TREE begins with me helping our clients define their real estate dreams, goals and objectives so that their interests drive these life-size financial decisions, while I become the vehicle to get it done. I don’t merely engineer sales; I expertly usher in and execute their objectives for complete client satisfaction.

When a more holistic approach is desired, I engage my Client Advocacy Network, a team of first-in class diverse professionals who share my mission and values. Together, we collaborate to work cohesively and seamlessly to support our clients throughout the entire process, from visioning their dreams and goals to creating action plans and executing their objectives.

This might involve developing integrative strategies between our client’s financial advisor, estate planning attorney, CPA, lender and myself. At other times, additional professionals may be brought into the
conversation—always ensuring a holistic perspective and approach. For our high net worth clients, the strategies offered may be more complex and innovative, depending on the immediate needs of our clients. Other asset leveraging tools may be a more viable, efficient option than the traditional means of cash and/or selling of certain assets or real estate.

The TREE approach provides:
• Greater ease, joy and peace of mind as you navigate the home buying/selling process
• A more efficient process that saves you time and money
• Increased confidence in knowing that you’ve made the right choices for you and your family…every step of the way.

I relish my freedom to think outside the box at Coast and Valley Properties while collaborating with the experts in my professional network. This allows me to fulfill my mission of not just providing impeccable service...but of truly being of service.

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